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Single Span Film Greenhouse

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1) Single span greenhouse, commonly known as the film greenhouse, is covered with PE or PO film, is a simple and practical protection facilities for cultivation, due to its easy to build, easy to use, less investment, with the development of the plastics industry, it is widely used around the world.

2) Using steel and other materials, and cover with plastic film to build a arched greenhouse, for cultivation of vegetables, to early or delay supply.

3) It can increase the yield per square meter, prevent natural disasters, especially in the north area in early spring and late autumn supply off-season fresh vegetables.

Gutter height
PO/PE film(0.15mm)
Wind load
Rain load
Greenhouse column
30 years
Greenhouse accessory
10 years
Polycarbonate sheet(6mm/8mm/10mm)
10 years
Inside shadow system
5 years
Outside shadow system
5 years
Exhust fan
6 years
Cooling pad
4 years

1)Internal shading: Setting internal shading is an effective way to save energy, shade, temperature and humidity. The unique advantage of the shading curtain is that it will reflect the sun rather than absorb sunlight, effectively reduce the greenhouse light, while reducing the temperature of crops and air. Unique thermal radiation barrier materials outside greenhouse emission, can keep the curtain under the heat is not lost. Close the sunshade curtain will increase the humidity indoor temperature rapidly. At the same time, sunshade of lower surface heat radiation transmitted from the greenhouse has good absorption ability, the curtain can maintain high temperature. High temperature curtain can prevent condensation, to avoid the condensed water surface under the curtain.

2)Outside shading:In summer, the solar radiation heat load is too high, when the external shading system is used, the indoor temperature can be controlled to be only 1ÂșChigher than that of the outdoor room in a well ventilated greenhouse due to the blocking of most of the solar radiation into the greenhouse. If combined with wet curtain fan system, can create an ideal temperature and humidity environment, reduce greenhouse operation costs, saving energy consumption.

3)Exhaust fan: Reasonable design, low noise, big air volume, strong wind, low operation cost; Air downstream synthetic type PVC blinds or aluminum shutters with oxidation resistance, light weight, deformation, flexible open, and it also can prevent air driven back ;High strength reinforced aluminum magnesium alloy belt pulley with light weight, high strength, good toughness, it has 6 pieces of stainless steel blade, it has no deformation, or fracture, it is also very attractive and durable;

4)Cooling pad: Corrugated paper uses space cross-linking technology, which make it with high water absorption, high water resistant, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

5)Water treatment: Rare flowers and plants have very high request for its irrigation water. Bad quality can affect the growth of flowers and color beauty , and it also affect the flexibility of leaves and flowers which may become fragile. For special irrigation water requirements for these rare flowers and plants, we have introduced international advanced water treatment technology, which can fully meet the requirements of irrigation water quality meeting to the standards of drinking water. We also can tailor the most appropriate water treatment system according to the customer’s requirements.

6)Sprinkler irrigation System: It use high-pressure pump for irrigation by spray system, which sprays water on the crops, is a method of irrigation water for the normal growth. It is a modern agricultural production technology collecting irrigation, fertilization and automation management. It can be divided into mobile pattern or sprinkler fixed irrigation system or half fixed spray irrigation system.