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Multi-span Glass Agriculture Greenhouse

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1) The greenhouse selected the form of type 3 dome roof , beautiful appearance, smooth visual. The type roof structure has the advantages of strong wind unloading capacity and large displacement, which is suitable for wind and rainfall areas.

2) The steel structure of greenhouse uses hot dip galvanized pipes and profiles, both the top and around of the greenhouse covered by 5mm Single toughened glass . Greenhouse configuration includes greenhouse skeleton, electric internal and external shading system, cooling pad and fan system, water collecting system, cooling pad system, top window system and electronic control system.

Gutter height
Float glass/tempered glass
Wind load
rain load
Greenhouse column
30 years
Greenhouse accessory
10 years
Polycarbonate sheet (6mm/8mm/10mm)
10 years
Inside shadow system
5 years
Outside shadow system
5 years
Inside heat-insulation system
5 years
Exhust fan
6 years
Cooling pad
4 years
Planting vegetable, for example, tomato, cucumber, pepper, chili, leaf vegetable, etc.
Planting flower.
Planting fruits
Soilless culture.
Agriculture trial.
As restaurant