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Multi-span film greenhouse

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The greenhouse can effectively prevent the loss of heat and prevent the flow of cold air and heat dissipation. The vault is more conducive for the falling down of rain. It reduces the wind resistance, improve the anti-load capacity of the greenhouse; also, it reduces the dew drops and the incidence of pathogens caused by excessive humidity. The greenhouse users can choose the number and height of the side of the shutter according to the actual needs and weather conditions, so as to adjust the greenhouse environment. This greenhouse is equipped with the large volume gutter to guarantee immediate discharge of the rain.

Greenhouse Type
               Multi-span Plastic Film
Cover Material
                      PO/PE Film
Film Thinckness
                       12-15 Silk
Eaves Height
Structure Material
        Hot-dip Galvanized steel pipe
LIGHT Transmisttance Rate
Film Type
                   PO Film,PE Film
Colmun Space
Covering Material Service Time
                      >15 Years
Film Color



a) Internal shading: Setting internal shading is an effective way to save energy, shade, temperature and humidity. The unique advantage of the shading curtain is that it will reflect the sun rather than absorb sunlight, effectively reduce the greenhouse light, while reducing the temperature of crops and air.

b) Outside shading: In summer, the solar radiation heat load is too high, when the external shading system is used.

c) Exhaust fan: Reasonable design, low noise, big air volume, strong wind, low operation cost; Air downstream synthetic type PVC blinds or aluminum shutters with oxidation resistance, light weight, deformation, flexible open, and it also can prevent air driven back.

d) Cooling pad: Corrugated paper uses space cross-linking technology, which make it with high water absorption, high water resistant, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

e) water treatment: Rare flowers and plants have very high request for its irrigation water. Bad quality can affect the growth of flowers and color beauty , and it also affect the flexibility of leaves and flowers which may become fragile.

f)Sprinkler irrigation system: It use high-pressure pump for irrigation by spray system, which sprays water on the crops, is a method of irrigation water for the normal growth.