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Microgreen Tray (With & Without Hole)

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1020 comes from the size; the microgreen growing trays are about 10-inches wide and 20-inches long. The tray shown below is 1 1/4-inches tall. Perfect for microgreens.

As you can see, the trays come both with holes and without. The trays are made of the same material and have the same warranty as the 1010 trays.

I like these trays, which goes for the 1010 trays too, is that the bottom raised portion of the tray is beveled and not very high. It’s high enough to let water drain if you’re using the no holes tray as a watering tray.

But if you use the microgreen growing tray with holes as a planting tray, the soil media comes out of the tray much easier and cleaner than other types of 1020 trays.

We use these trays to grow the microgreens we sell to retail customers every week.

Take care of these trays, and they will last a lifetime.

There is also a full depth heavy-duty tray that I use quite often from Bootstrap Farmer. The ridges are more pronounced, but this only makes the tray stronger.