Company Profile : Introduction

PHILIPPINES AQUA-HYDROPONIC PRIME VENTURES CORP. is a SEC registered to operate, manage and engage in the business of growing and/or production of horticultural, aquaponic, hydroponic farming and manufacturing, preserving, drying, processing, importing, distributing, exporting, buying and selling at wholesale and retail of aquaponic and hydroponic fertilizer and nitrogen compound and any other similar goods, merchandise and wares of every kind and description in so far as may be permitted by law. The company has an approved license to enter into all kinds of contracts for export, import, purchase, acquisition, sale at wholesale or retail and other dispositions related thereof. includes trading, importation, exportation and distribution of aquaponic and hydroponic product its equipment, greenhouse equipment. producer of Aquaponic and Hydroponics products, greenhouse equipment. The company is a sole distributor of Masterblend Fertilizer product for horticulture application. Established in January 2019 to cater the needs of the Filipinos.

To be fully committed into a multi-national business in hydroponic, Aquaponics and its fertilizer and greenhouse supplies It was decided late 2019 by the investors to change the sole proprietor company into corporation right then the Philippine Aqua-Hydroponic Prime Venture Corp. was registered in SEC and all license change of name were applied.

At present the corporation has a financial capital of 1.8 million pesos and growing more prominent investor want to venture to hydroponic fertilizer and greenhouse equipment.

Philippines Aqua-Hydroponic Prime Ventures Corp


Philippines Aqua-Hydroponic Prime Ventures Corp. mission is to be the leading supplier of hydroponic Fertilizer and greenhouses equipment to provide better yield, delivering good returns for farmers, industrial customers, its owners and society at large.


Philippines Aqua-Hydroponic Prime Ventures Corp. to be the leading supplier of Aquaponics and Hydroponic produce and horticulture fertilizer in the Philippines and neighboring country.


  • God Centered
  • Reliable
  • Output Oriented
  • Wellness-focus
  • Team Work
  • Holistic

History Of The Company

Philippines Aqua-Hydroponic Prime Ventures Corp. in service in building greenhouses and supply of greenhouse equipment. The company has approved license to operate as IMPORTER, REPACKER, NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR and for its WAREHOUSE. also engage in importation of all equipment and supplies in hydroponic and greenhouses.


Early 2019 the proprietor name Noruel Castillano invested to hydroponic farming right then the single proprietor business name Castillano Agri Farm was registered. The love and devotion in farming this passion by its team lead into investment for importations of Fertilizer from USA products of masterblend. The investors discovered that the company is growing fast and engage to multi-national business of importation of greenhouse equipment and fertilizers in Aquaponic and hydroponic farming.

Due to its approved licenses to operate for the following:


  1. License to operate as importer of Fertilizer
  2. License to operate to repack fertilizer
  3. License to operate for distributor Fertilizer in the whole country.
  4. Approved Warehouse Registration
  5. Product license registration of fertilizer

What We Do

Our research team is continuously working to create a complete line of hydroponic base products to provide sustainable safe food, and better environment.



Our marketing team introduce the masterblend product to Filipinos especially farmer to shift from traditional farming to modern sustainable farming in order to cater the whole nation the company inviting entrepreneurs to be regional distributor of Masterblend Hydroponic Fertilizer.

What To Do Next – Distribution

Intend that masterblend will be available in the whole country, to any Agri farm store and in any supermarket that every Filipino can make their own sustainable vegetables even in their greenhouse farm and houses by growing hydroponic and aquaponic.